Our technical department provides support and services to both installers and users of COLOSSUN SPVG, in order to hold the high quality and performance of the pv generator system.

Engineering Service


During more than 15 years of experience, building pv power plants, we have gotten the know how to develop any type of solar energy project. The COLOSSUN technical team is able to adapt our product to any technical features of the projects.

The initial information of a pv project is analyzed by our engineers with the aim to provide the most bankable COLOSSUN system in each case. Also we offer support for designing the pv power plant with our product COLOSSUN SPVG.

Construction Service


The COLOSSUN technical Department offers the chance of coordinate the logistic, construction and connexion processes. Currently COLOSSUN staff collaborates directly with the Technical Manager of the pv plant construction project. In order to solve, as quick as possible, any question or doubt about product installation. Our professional team is the responsible for calibration and put into operation of all COLOSSUN products.

Maintenance service


COLOSSUN technical team is the responsible of the COLOSSUN equipment maintenance, during the warrantee period. They will provide all the assistance required for the correct operation.

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