How it works

The models COLOSSUN SPVG can be installed individually or in collective groups. They are designed to be connected to an electrical grid or isolated. Their application are relevant in the three segments of the solar market:

  • Residential.
  • Commercial.
  • Large Scale.



COLOSSUN has application as a domestic system of photovoltaic power generator. Its models CSPVG 9 and CSPVG 15 are suitable for residential areas. Our product allows a sustainable generation and a responsible consumption of energy at home.



Clean Energy for a Better World


Power: 9 kW
Model: Colossun SPVG 9
Annual production: 19,350 kWh
Annual savings: $ 3,312

Our client says:

“Thanks to COLOSSUN, all energy we consume is renewable. We take care of our environment.” Denisse Conley


Reduce your electricity bill


Power: 15 kW
Model: Colossun SPVG 15
Annual production: 33,600 kWh
Annual savings: $ 5,712

Our client says:

“My community and I, we achieve savings by 75% the electricity bill with Colossun photovoltaic system.” Paul Smith



COLOSSUN provides energy solutions for companies and public institutions. It has been designed to provide maximum power and profitability.



This helps businesses to be competitive


Location: Valladolid (Spain)
Power: 150 kW
Model: Colossun SPVG 40
Annual production: 326.25 MWh
Annual savings: € 48,937.50

Our client says:

“With our PV plant have reduced the costs of electricity in the company by more than 30%” Pedro Cifuentes Rico

One source of revenue for your company


Location: Milan (Italy)
Power: 500 kW
Model: Colossun SPVG 40
Annual production: 1,070 MWh
Electricity sales: € 374,500

Our client says:

“We have implemented a new activity within my company with minimum effort.” Angelo Faci




COLOSSUN SPVG is the best choice of equipment for large-scale PV installations. The UTILITIES require the highest technology in its components, the best price and the minimum costs of design, construction, operation and maintenance and all these requirements meet our teams COLOSSUN SPVG. Installing machines COLOSSUN SPVG in UTILITIES power plants these advantages are achieved:

  • The investment is amortized more quickly.

  • The investors get higher returns.

  • That easier to get funding for the project.

Production and Safety


Location: Valencia (Spain)
Power: 2.45 MW
Model: Colossun SPVG 50
Annual production: 5,330 MWh
Electricity sales: € 2,558,400


COLOSSUN SPVG is an intelligent PV generator that makes an accurate azimuth tracking sunpath and manages its radiation. It integrates the control technology most advanced. It is capable of taking performance of solar radiation during periods of the day when others do not. As a result we affirm that COLOSSUN do more with less.

  • Increased production up 40%.
  • Optimizes space by installing a 60% more power per surface.
  • Responds to adverse situations.




COLOSSUN SPVG increases the energy generated by the PV module, more than 40% compared to a fixed PV module. And more than 20% compared to other monitoring systems as the horizontal axis tracker.

Installing equipment COLOSSUN you save about 30% on photovoltaic modules. Because COLOSSUN to generate a given output (kWh) requires less installed power (kWp).

This product is the compact solar equipment that provides the highest efficiency to the PV system.




COLOSSUN concentrates more power per unit area, due to its radiation management system. Its special back-tracking allows to generate energy in times of day that others do not manage. Thanks to it, COLOSSUN produces about 5% more.

Its intelligent radiation management let you save around 60% of land surface. Because COLOSSUN to generate a given PRODUCTION (kWh) requires less space of land (m2).




COLOSSUN SPVG integrates its own management software, Control Logic System CLS, which is responsible for monitoring and protect the PV system by managing: direct sunlight, the position of the installation, atmospheric inclement…


COLOSSUN SPVG is programmed to respond to wind, water, snow, sand or seismic forces unscheduled, so that the system continues working and suffers no damage. The CLS system allows remote interaction through computer, tablets or smart mobiles.

The CLS automatically sends real-time information to the technical manager´s e´mail about the operation of the COLOSSUN POWER PLANT.


COLOSSUN PVG is a standardized PV generator, perfectly calculated and designed. Our product has been certified by the most stringent technical and economic engineering to get the best performance:

  • Record power machine.
  • Reduce costs energy standard. LCOE.
  • Offers the highest operational availability of its range.




COLOSSUN is the most powerful PV generator with a single vertical axis and azimuth tracking in the international market:

  • More power generation up to 52 kWp in one tracker.

  • More Usable area available: up to 475 m2 to install photovoltaic modules.

  • Less height. With an overall height from 1.2 meters, offers maximum safety, strength and stability.



COLOSSUN acts to improve the levelized cost of a PV power plant.


  • Maximizes energy output per unit of power.

  • Maximizes availability of plant operation.

  • Minimizes the construction times.

  • Minimizes the operating and maintenance costs.




COLOSSUN has a modular design horizontal turntable low rise. All parts assembled without welding. It has a ground support each 20m2. Each support is height adjustable in order to level the equipment. All parts are manufactured with the appropriate specific protective coating for geographic and atmospheric area where it will be installed. For these specifications COLOSSUN:

  • Minimizes pre-construction civil works.

  • It facilitates and reduces installation time.

  • Maximize the lifetime of the solar system.

  • Minimizes maintenance costs.



  • COLOSSUN are both mechanically and electrically certified to comply with all standards of networking and security.

  • COLOSSUN technical design includes: the preconstruction civil work´s engineering, the mechanical support design and the electrical DC configuration.




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