COLOSSUN Smart PV generator

This product has been develop to satisfy a new emerging pv market that demand a responsible and efficient electricity generation and also the sustainable energy independence.

Because, in order to reach success, the best product needs the best user. COLOSSUN SPVG achieves greater productivity to your installation. 

COLOSSUN smart PV generator is an intelligent and integral equipment for photovoltaic power generation. This machine has been invented and developed by a technical staff with over 15 years experience in the field of renewable energy.

It´s a standardized photovoltaic generator system that perfectly integrated all components and services required to guarantee the best yield, efficiency and price.

COLOSSUN works perfectly in both ways, connected to the grid or isolated from it.

The COLOSSUN equipments are being installed either individually in residential areas for domestic application or in groups forming photovoltaic plants for commercial and utilities applications.

COLOSSUN SPVG adapts to all the specific technical requirements of both geographical location and grid connection.

All models incorporate a unique and innovative drive technology for solar tracking, patented and developed by the company COLOSSUN energy solution, SL denominated: COLOSSUN GAM (motiz group support) and COLOSSUN TS (tracking system).

COLOSSUN gives a global solution for both businesses and residential applications, because it offers a compact top-quality product and also all his experience in the engineering, construction and maintenance services.

Our product uses cutting edge technology in azimuth solar tracking systems, PLC control and management of radiation. Therefore, get a greater catchment solar radiation.

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